Welcome to our Gallery page....


TO LEFT: Our "HotSheep"

a totally recycled adventure

inspired by our friend, Lyn


TO LEFT: Wilma says her girls are OK in snow! - BLESS................

BELOW: Wilma's Cheeky Girls,

Ruby and Rebecca



ABOVE:We are - "The Cheeky Girls"! -
homed with our friends near Carnoustie, 2018
Blessed with Lambs 2020

WELL DONE, Cheeky Girls

TO LEFT: - lamb feeding Summer 2018





ABOVE: "Sable Poot" hen - kind of a shoulder decoration?
Thanks, Rachael

BELOW: "Visitors always welcome at MOSSOAY FLOCK"
though some are less welcome than others........ 


ABOVE: Saturday night - is Party time - at the wheelbarrow.................... 
when we offer a Barrow-out!
​(sometimes the lambs climb in there, too!)




ABOVE: This is our six year old ewe, Aisha: "Isn't she LOVELY!" - Aisha says: "The juiciest branches are at the top! - that's after i've stripped the bark...... "Ash die-back"? - or "Aisha die-back"........ Trees are at risk from Soays' dietary fancies


 ABOVE: I am CAMERON - "Cammie".
I've been to "sweet school"
I am MOSSOAY FLOCK resident Wether Companion! I am capable of jumping 4 feet or more



ABOVE: 2018 Lambs
(Wishing well purchased from Linden Garden Centre - "Thankyou"!)

 Don't know what the attraction is, but there's always a queue to get in here



BELOW:THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN! - for young "Friday" in 2017
Re-homed to Fife with 3 half sisters
​Looking forward to seeing your lambs, Friday, 2020 onwards.....



ABOVE: These two young ladies were sold by us to a home who wholly bought in to the heritage - by building them a "Cleit House" of their own. Trouble is: the wee girls preferred to get ON the roof, NOT INSIDE! BLESS!

BELOW: We need to shed our winter cardi's! We DO NOT need to be sheared. Although we sometimes appreciate a wee bit o' help.......................................



LEFT: Jackson, our former Stock Ram, having a feast on some cut branches - considering that in their native habitat there are no growing trees, this appetite is bizarre! Soays will eat "just about everything"!


RIGHT: Jackson won First Prize for Northern Short Tailed at Lanark Show, September 2014. He is SO(ay) Handsome.  Unhaltered, as shown, Jackson excelled - by BUTTING the opposition with vigour! He's now living with his new flock in Western Isles



LEFT: Tender moment! Lamb needs a bit of TLC - mum EXHAUSTED! Pete steps in to help out...

LEFT: Tuppence's twins, 2013, photo courtesy our kind friend, Jeni Reid - "HOW NOT TO LOVE!"


LEFT: Thainstone Show May 2014 - Jackson, Guinevere, and their wee fans! LOVELY FAMILY DAY OUT!




ABOVE: The late, great "Daisy", sadly lost in 2019. Daisy was born out of two black parents. Daisy was blessed with twins and even triplets, some of whom have inherited her beautiful genetic piebald markings....

These ones were born to TORMENT!

Bit of help with a bottle? three's too many!

Jackson, our former Stock Ram - at just 6 months old - has grown up to be a FINE FATHER! - and moved on to live with his new family in the Western Isles in 2018. We hear he has a new contract now in Lewis.




Wambo the ram, as a youngster

Tuppence requesting a biscuit

Young tup lambs - nice when a young lady comes and feeds us treats! We LIKE HER!!!!

The synchronised feeders......

LEFT: "Conachair Wambo". I was the finest Horned Ram at Forfar Show, September, 2012

I sired 12 gorgeous lambs - see them on You Tube, 2013 under "Lambs and Bach" 







ABOVE: a couple of abandoned Tup lambs, in their owners' kitchen - receiving nurture and support from Roly the German Shepherd dog

BELOW: some pictures of our friends' "pest lambs" in Berneray - naughty enough to nip in the car to steal a biscuit; and happy to "conga" with Roly their dog-surrogate-mum! - who said "three's a crowd?"

BELOW LEFT: Pete helping out twin ladies IVI and IXI with a bottle;

                                                                                                      and BELOW,  RIGHT: Jo with ICCI just born......: "Ram of the future!"

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BELOW: Lambs selection 2020: "Twins all round!"-

all now SOLD apart from two / twin tup lambs


BELOW: Tess with her single ewe lamb - at birth; and then, the weigh-in

Tess is now SOLD along with her lamb at foot, Iona; and also another ewe lamb: "Isha"

BELOW: I'm Iona. SOLD to new home in Ayrshire with my mum.

BELOW: Painting by Gavin, Ayrshire

lambs settled in their new home:

"Thank-ewe, Gavin"!

BELOW; I'm IggyPop. I am SOLD to a family in Lanarkshire

BELOW: Casualty Lady: "Accidents happen!" - but, apparently didnt stop you jumping two fences to get back in with your pals!

BELOW: a few fun clips!............................. including the "Buoys" (aka "The Pests" enjoying a bit of football with Roly the dog in Berneray