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We are the "GAEL FLOCK"

We are "primitives", we landed to join the Soays in 2021. We are Arnie, Adam and Adonis. Arnie was the heaviest lamb Mossoay / Gael Flock ever had, weighing in at 4.22 Kilograms. Mum (Hosta) didn't half make a noise!  We named this tup lamb ArnieSchwarzenneger.


The Hebrideans are NOT rare, as they have grown in popularity over the past number of years, due to their relative docile temperament and lustrous fleece. They are a larger breed than the Soays, and not so fussy about shelter. 


Hebrideans also like to "climb", so we created a platform in their field for them to fight over. 


The Hebrideans' dietary habits are not unlike the Soays', although the Hebrideans are a bit less disruptive and don't seem to eat the trees.


We started out with just four "Gael Girls", and it's a bit of a learning curve, so far, getting to know them and their habits and foibles. We bought the 4 ewes from a commercial breeder at a year old, and the lambs' sire also was brought in on hire from a commercial breeder who was happy to take him back once his work was done. Rams become bored when there's no more work to be done, so we returned Horatio to his owners in February 2022.. 

We "may" wether these lads; they're well socialised, and could be desirable as ornamental grazers / guard animals; buyers are sought for these Gael lads

Soay rainbow Dec 21.jpg
Hebz1 28 3 22.jpg
Hydrangea lambs Sun 10 4 22.jpg
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