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Welcome to Soay Flock Scotland, we are very proud and passionate about what we do....








  • WHERE? -  a big garden will do, PROVIDED it is well fenced and free from poisonous plants

  • WHY? - they are "Ovine weed-killers" - but, be warned - they will eat EVERYTHING! - including trees and bark

  • Lamb without difficulty - mostly - often at Dawn, in the snow

  • WOOL AND FLEECE: self-shed fleece - sometimes a little help appreciated - can be sheared

  • ALSO SEE our "Wool" page!

  • EXCELLENT MOTHERS! - see "News", and "Sales and Links"

  • WHAT? - you need to register with Animal Health etc - for compliance

  • can be bucket and halter / harness trained

  • need shelter - from rain and sun

  • FOR PROFIT? no!

  • Dual ear tags required by Law

  • HORNS: if "tight" set, can require filing and / or trim - SEE "News" page

  • HISTORY: one of oldest breeds in the world - thought to have been brought to the Scottish Hebridean Islands by the Vikings

  • RBST Watchlist "at risk" category, ie up to 1500 RBST registered breeding ewes in UK, 2020 - 2021: an IMPROVEMENT!

  • The only breed in RBST watchlist "Category 4" ("At risk") in 5% decline in 2018 - 2019

  • EAT? grass, weeds, and some careful feed supplement, cereals and raw root and other vegetables; hay and a bit of molasses

  • HEALTH / some tips and information:-

  • Copper and protein intolerant - DO NOT FEED PRODUCTS suited to commercial breeds

  • Dosing and annual treatments - be advised by a vet - preferably one familiar with this breed

  • Ticks are fatal, and if in a tick area, a prescribed application will be essential

  • regular teeth, feet and sample checks - for eg - worms and fluke - essential

  • CATCHING:  "enticement" is the method of preference - as Soays' primitive instinct is to "scatter" when under threat, not  to "Flock"

  • HABITS: climb, jump; burrow and butt - good fences necessary!

  • Rams can be aggressive, especially during Tupping season - and towards human females - who they regard as "their flock", and, therefore, to be "rounded up"

  • Soays have a highly attuned sense of smell, and 280 degree vision

  • RBST registration is useful if stock are bought for breeding

  • LAMBS: twins aren't uncommon in lowland areas; and even triplets : arrive April / May

  • SIZE:  one of the smaller breeds: adult weights about 35 - 50 KGs

  • There's a dedicated Breed Society - for Soay and Borerays - take a look -

  • ANY QUESTIONS? - go to our "Contacts" form on our "Contact us" page.........






ABOVE our first year of lambing was 2012
​The cheeky 2013 Ewe Lamb, front, right (MARGO)
returned back home to our flock in 2018
​and she has always delivered TWINS! - SO farrrrrrr.



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